Diana Far Away can help you to create a good brand eligible for U.S market complying the rules and regulations in labelling your brand. We can serve you on following sections on Branding.

1. Packaging design and Concept
2. Packaging Material selection
3. Labelling regulations
4. Brand Logo creation and Naming each flavor
5. Creating a Brand website and social media branding
6. Content framing for labelling as well as websites

Only a good brand with good packaging can communicate better with our target customers. Brand can help us to succeed in long term.

Digital Marketing

Diana can digitally market your brand and can bring traffic to your Brand’s website so as to increase the sales of your product. Our digital marketing strategies include the following components.

1. Creative services

a. Creating banners in website

b. Video using infographics for your products

c. Facebook communication to your customers, Blogging

d. Press release

2. Natural Listing ads
3. Retargeting ads
4. Social Targeting
5. Digital marketing analysis